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Are you finding it hard to get through your day without feeling anxious, angry, or sad? Do you often isolate yourself from family and friends? Could you be someone who struggles with understanding why you can't get along with other people? Have you recently lost a loved one or relationship and need support to work through your grief?  I have a passion to help those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and relationship issues.  My other strengths include: work problems, family problems, self-esteem issues, trauma, PTSD, addiction, childhood issues, spiritual identity, sexual identity, and many others.

Life is all about relationships.  When someone is having trouble in  relationships, it can have a negative impact on all areas of one's life.  When working with an individual or couple, my goal is to help them learn how to navigate their relationships in a healthy and positive manner.

I work side by side with my clients in order to help them grow and make the changes necessary to live a more fulfilling life and have more meaningful relationships.


To set up an appointment, or to have a free phone consultation, please enter your contact information or you can call my number directly, and I will call you back within one business day.  Feel free to leave your name or phone number as you feel comfortable.  My number is 562-458-1054.


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